Thursday, January 29, 2009

Love It? Hate It? Wash It?

OK, I'm divulging a little secret: I'd originally intended for the content of my entries to be Washington, DC-area specific, but here's yet another splurge on something beyond the beltway:

Does the word "like" give this chair too much credit? I can't help but think that it reminds me of some long-since abandoned piece I would have seen relegated to one of the side aisles in the main studio space of CUA's School of Architecture and Planning. As forward thinkers, we dabbled in simultaneous building design and clothing reuse, you know.

I also think that the color-melt in the center of the chair reminds me of the time I tried to melt Starbursts over a shot glass to form a colorful candy shell ice cream cup....but that's another story.

Tom Price's laundry hamper of a chair is part of his
Meltdown series that was featured at the 2008 London Design Festival and also in this month's issue of Dwell. Check out the PP Tube and PP Hose chairs. I actually think those are closer to CUA-produced material, and also to anything I'd allow near my ass...

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